Dress Code

Dancers must attend class in DANCE APPROPRIATE attire.
We encourage all of our dancers to wear the PKA class uniform which consists of a white PKA tank top and a Pink pka skort, black PKA Soffee shorts, or pink PKA Soffee shorts.
These items are available for order on this website under the PKA Wear button. Although the uniform is not mandatory it is recommended. Other dance appropriate attire would include a tank top and spandex shorts, a leotard and dance skirt, etc. Absolutely no long pants are allowed in class. If your child is in the clothing they wore to school then it is not appropriate for dance class.

Hair MUST be tied back neatly in a ponytail or bun. Any loose hair is not permitted. Children may not dance in class if their hair is not tied back.

Dancers are required to wear dance shoes in class. It is absolutely acceptable for beginners to wear ballet slippers, at the beginner level they are easier to fit and to put on. Beyond that, proper Irish Dancing shoes are required for class. Please refer to the button “SHOES” on the website for more information regarding how to get Irish Dancing shoes. Dancing in bare feet is strictly forbidden. Dancing in socks is permitted if a dancer is in-between shoes and in the process of getting new shoes. Ankle socks are not allowed, dancers must wear socks that cover the ankle. Colored socks are not allowed, all dancers must wear white socks to class. Dance sneakers are only allowed when a dancer is injured or in the parade. Dancers may not dance in dance sneakers or regular sneakers under any other circumstances.