Beginner Shoes

As a beginner, dancers only need soft shoes, called Ghillies or Reel Shoes, or just Irish dancing soft shoes. It is perfectly acceptable at the beginner level to wear ballet slippers, preferably in black. If your child is very small, sometimes it is better to use ballet slippers because it can be difficult to tie the Irish Dancing soft shoes.

Irish dancing soft shoes can be ordered online at 
When ordering for a beginner, the best choice shoe on the Fay’s website is the:
Soft Shoes – Platinum Suede Soles – which sell for $42.00

The size chart is not always accurate so the best way to ensure a good fit is to have your child stand on a sheet of paper with all the weight on one foot and trace their foot. You can then fax the outline to Pat Fay, fax #:
914-662-1224 and he will match you up with the right size shoe.

When buying soft shoes you want them to fit snuggly because they will stretch A LOT! You do not want to buy them with “room to grow”. When your child puts them on, have them point their toe. If there is a big gap at the toes when they point their toes then the shoes are probably too big!