Upper Level Shoes

When dancers get to upper levels and are competing regularly, we have shoes that we recommend. For soft shoes we recommend the Hullichan Pro soft shoe which can be purchased on the Fay’s website http://www.fayshoes.com/products_shoes.htm  or at a feis.

At upper level’s we recommend the Fay’s hard shoes, preferably with the white leather straps. These come with 3 different types of soles. The black suede soles offer the least support but are easiest for toe walking if your child is old enough (Feis age under 13). The gray suede sole’s offer medium support and are a little harder to get on the toes with. The brown leather soles are the most supportive however the most difficult to break in and get on toe’s with. Any of these are acceptable, after a while your child will probably develop a preference of their own.