Used Shoes

Buying used shoes is a less expensive option than new shoes but can be hit or miss depending on availability. We have a used shoes for sale area in our Stamford studio where shoes are segregated based on size.

When selling your used shoes, you need to follow protocol to make sure your shoes don’t get mislabeled or misplaced. We require that you only bring in one of your shoes for sale and keep the other shoe at home. You must label your shoe securely ON THE SHOE with your name, phone number, and asking price. The best way to do this is to use a very adhesive sticker on the bottom of the shoe or securely lace a tag through the shoe laces. Putting your shoes in a zip lock bag with your name on the bag is not advisable as many people try on shoes and then don’t always put them back in the correct bag. If someone is interested in buying your shoes, they will then need to contact you to get the other shoe, at which time you can make arrangements to exchange the shoe for payment. On average, used hard shoes sell for $50 depending on the condition they are in. Used soft shoes sell on average for $20 - $30 dollars depending on condition.

When looking for new shoes to buy, please be respectful of the seller’s shoes buy ensuring the label stays on the shoe and that it goes back into the correct cubby hole according to size if you are not going to buy the shoe.