Why Wigs?

Many people wonder why Irish Dancers wear curly wigs? Curly hair is based in an old Irish tradition where women would put curlers in their hair on Saturday night to prepare for going to Church on Sunday Morning. Church was followed by ceili dancing and thus the tradition of Irish Dancers having curly hair was born!

For many many years, Irish dancers in modern day would also go to bed with a head full of rollers the night before a feis, and this proved to be a time consuming and uncomfortable process! Eventually people started to use wigs to avoid the hassle of having to curl their own hair, which is why dancers today all wear wigs!

Does my child need a wig?

If your child is at the beginner level and is going to attend their first feis, we encourage you to curl their own a hair if you can. While they are still wearing their HPK Feis/Recital uniform, curling their own hair is perfectly acceptable.