About the Pender-Keady Academy

The Pender-Keady Academy was founded in 1999 with just 20 students and has since grown to almost 200 students. Our mission is to share our knowledge and experience in the art of Irish Step Dancing with our students while encouraging them to work hard and have fun! We pride ourselves on our friendly and supportive atmosphere where children can gain confidence through performing and competing, or just dance for the love of it!

In just 12 short years, our dancers have achieved extraordinary success in the competitive arena. Some of their accomplishments include: Numerous 1st place New England Regional champions, top placements at the North American Championships, and students who have medaled internationally as high up as the World Championships of Irish Dancing, which is considered the "Olympics" of Irish Dancing.

Erin Pender-LeVine and Kathleen Keady, the Co-Directors of the Academy, were both 1st place regional and North American Champions themselves. They both successfully placed in the Top 3 at the World Championships as well. In addition, both ladies performed in the Broadway Cast of "Riverdance" and Kathleen also performed in the original cast of "Lord of the Dance" .